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Therapeutic efficacy of Lingzhi on chronic bronchitis
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Since 1970s, Lingzhi has been known to be effective in treating chronic bronchitis and asthma. As medication, Lingzhi showed the following characteristics: (1)The clinical reports from 11 hospitals on 1,180 patients indicated an average effective rate of 80%. The highest curing rate reached 97.6%/ while the lowest 60.0%. Significant efficacy(including clinical control and recent cure) fluctuated between 75% and 20%. The disparity might be related to patient’s conditions, products and dosages applied and /or the treatment implemented. (2) It generally takes 1-2 weeks after the administration to show the medicinal effect. By taking Lingzhi, significan improvements are realized on the major symptoms of chronic bronchitis, i.e., coughing sputum and wheezing, by taking Lingzhi. Extended treatment with Lingzhi further increases the efficacy (3) Lingzhi has no bactericidal effect. When infection occurs or in acute bronchitis attacks, appropriate drugs must be administered without delay. (4)For these cases, diagnosed as “ cold and insufficiency type” by TCM, Lingzhi can be effective. In these cases, the patients are weak and have chills, coughing and excessive phlegm with white sputum. On the other hand , when the lungs and tracheae are infected, the patient coughs without sputum or spits out thick, yellowish phlegm. Lingzhi should be used only to supplement regular drugs. (5)As a supplement, Lingzhi products considerably strengthen the body. They can improve the sleep quality , appetite, energy and resistance to cold and flu. (6)Few side effects are known in the use of Lingzhi .In the same clinical report as shown above, there was hardly any side effects found among the 1,810 chronic bronchitis patients treated with Lingzhi. Clinical trials also showed no significant toxicity on heart , liver and kidney and other vital organs. This conclusion coincides with what TCM literature indicated: “Lingzhi is mild and non-toxic.” The very rare side effects that have been reported include dizziness, dryness of nose and mouth, nose bleeding, stomach discomfort and constipation. And, these symptoms disappeared after continued treatment with Lingzhi. Therefore, it can be concluded that Lingzhi does not eliminates chronic bronchitis symptoms directly, nor does it kill the infectious bacteria. What, then, is it that renders Lingzhi its pharmacological efficacy.
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